221 Madison st. New York
05.042014- 10.05.2014
Sarah Gerats
Julia Hechtman
Tina Kohlmann
Karla Wozniak

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 5, 6-9pm

“Nomexy, Nivecourt, Charmes. A man took me in his car the last few miles, but after a short distance I switched over to a dilapidated van, in which empty glass bottles were rolling about in the back. I declined the offer of a cigarette, my body slowly warming up and steaming from the dampness. The windows of the car fogged up instantly from my intense steaming, so much so that the man had to stop to find a rag to wipe them, since he couldn’t see anymore […]

In the morning I reached the edge of Paris […] I walked there on feet so tired that I had no more consciousness left. A man wanted to walk through the forest and never appeared again. A man went for a solitary stroll on a broad beach with his big dog. A man had a live duck in his shopping bag. A blind beggar played the accordion, his legs covered with a zebra-striped blanket below the knee…”

-Werner Herzog, Of Walking In Ice
Skype Performance together with Stein Henningsen during the opening of Souvenir,
04.04.2014 - Longyearbyen/New York
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