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17.11.2011 > 08.12.2011
Thank You:
Michaël Munch, Anna Rokka, Elina Rantasuo,
Elina Thukanen, Henna Hyvarinen, 
Hanne Maren & Jan-Erik & Pippi Olivia Mehdal-Strandness,
Morten Modin, Yala Juchmann & Mickael Marchand,
Sven & Eva Thebert, Michelle & Alejandro & Yari Köhler-Jiminez.

Thank You:
HISK, Komplot.

Thank You:
Lady in Kemi for bringing me to Haparanda when
I arrived on an almost busless Sunday.
Thank you NTG for borrowing the spotlight to
frame the absent corner in the exhibition.
Thank you Gert Aersen for many, many things.

This is the corner to show my work at the end of two years of Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts at the HISK in Ghent.

I got on a train and took the corner to all the people I would have liked to see the exhibition. I sent photos. Every morning a computer automatically checks for updates and projects the images next to the corner. The absent corner is highlighted by a spotlight.
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